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About Shandong University of Arts

Shandong University of Arts is located in Jinan, a famous historic and cultural city with many springs, and is the only comprehensive arts institution of higher education in Shandong Province. Since its establishment in 1958 and after continuous efforts of several generations, Shandong University of Arts has developed into a comprehensive arts institution of higher education that has deep cultural level, complete majors, high educational level and outstanding educational conditions, and is playing an important role in arts education and arts talent cultivation in Shandong Province, even has great influence in some domestic arts academies.

Sufficient educational conditions

The university consists of Jinan Wendong and Changqing campuses, with a total area of 1,313 mu, including Changqing campus of 1,200 mu. Its total building area is 351,126 m2, including educational and administrative room area of 170,090 m2; The university library houses a collection of about 687,357 volumes of paper documents, and the total value of its educational and scientific research instruments is RMB 76.2333 million Yuan, and its complete facilities guarantee and meet educational needs very well.

Complete majors

The university consists of 14 schools/departments, including School of Music, School of Fine Arts, School of Theatre, The Normal School of Music, School of Design, School of Art & Culture, School of Dance, School of Traditional Opera, School of Adult Education, School of Vocational Education, School of International Art Exchange, School of International Originality and Design, Modern Technical Education Department, and Department of General Education. There are 21 undergraduate majors, referring to 2 academic disciplines of literature and management, and including 3 first-rank disciplines of art, news communication and public management. At present, fine arts and art are provincial key academic disciplines; culture-arts management and culture-industry studies are key academic disciplines of culture-art science in Shandong Province; music culture research and culture-industry studies are respectively evaluated as provincial key research base of social science layout and provincial research base of humanity and social science; and music is approved as provincial “Taishan Scholar” post by Shandong Province.

The university has the right to award Master Degree of Arts as the first-rank academic discipline, and there are 8 master degree programs. It becomes the first batch of national educational experimental units of “Master of Fine Arts (MFA)” and awarding unit of persons in the Same Educational Level Applying for Master’s Degree, and has formed a talent education system with undergraduate education as the main part, as well as multi-level talents training of Graduate Student, Undergraduate, Professional Student, Adult Student and Technical Secondary School Student.

Excellent teacher team

After the establishment of Shandong University of Arts, many great masters and famous experts of arts have taught in the university. For example, Li Jiemin, Li Huaxuan, Liu Zhiping, Liu Lefu, Jin Guangwo, Liu Yuxuan, Song Baolian, He Jinwen and Song Jutian in music; Li Chaoshi, Dan Bingxin, Lü Pin, Yu Xining, Guan Yousheng, Liu Zigu, Zong

Weicheng and Wang Qihua in fine arts; Xiang Kun and Ruan Fei in drama. They are devoted to education wholeheartedly, reward and promote young students, make sincere contributions, laying the foundation of excellent educational tradition of the university.

At present, there are many talents and adequate excellent teachers in Shandong University of Arts. It now has 728 full-time teachers, including 292 teachers with doctor and master degrees, and 281 teachers with senior professional qualification. There are also 5 part-time doctor supervisors, 151 master supervisors, 8 key discipline leaders, 11 experts that receive special allowance of the State Council, 8 national excellent teachers and 4 young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions of Shandong Province.

Plentiful educational and scientific research achievements

At present, Shandong University of Arts has 7 provincial Elaborated Courses, and wins 1 national teaching achievement award and 6 provincial teaching achievement awards. In recent four years, the university wins 131 scientific search projects above department and bureau levels, including 30 national, provincial and ministerial projects, and also wins 284 scientific achievement awards above department and bureau levels.

Excellent educational quality

For the past 50 years since its founding, Shandong University of Arts has cultivated nearly 20,000 qualified arts talents for both the country and society. Now there are 7,444 full-time undergraduates and professional training students, including 6,448 undergraduates, and 401 graduate students.

Many excellent graduates such as Peng Liyuan, Ni Ping, Chen Jin, Liu Xilin, Wang Yidong and Sui Jianguo have made outstanding achievements in their respective arts fields, becoming famous musicians, artists, performing artists and arts educationists around the whole country, making great contributions to Culture and Art Cause of Shandong Province and the whole country.

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